Different Ways to Say Hello in English

Are you looking for how to say “hello” in different ways in English? Here we have brought you more than 150 unique ways to say “Hello”.

Ways to Say Hello

In English, the word hello is an informal way of greeting someone. Hello is a word that is used to greet someone.

Greeting someone is a social convention that people do in order to be polite. They are usually done by saying “hello” or “good morning”.

It is important to greet others because it shows them respect and courtesy. It also helps you feel more connected to the other person and it can make them feel more comfortable around you.

ways to say hello

Funny Ways To Say Hello

  1. Hello, beautiful!
  2. Hey, you!
  3. Hello, sunshine!
  4. How are you today?
  5. Hey, good morning!
  6. Hello gorgeous!
  7. Hey cutie!
  8. Howdy-doody!
  9. Hey man, how’s going?
  10. What’s up, old soul?
  11. Hey bro, What‘s up?
  12. I hope you have a great day!
  13. Hi, mister!
  14. Hey there, freshman!
  15. Hello, love!
  16. What’s up?
  17. What’s up, dude?
  18. Hey buddy!

Other Ways To Say Hello

  1. Hey.
  2. Good evening.
  3. Good morning.
  4. Good afternoon.
  5. What’s going on?
  6. Long time no see.
  7. Howdy?
  8. How’s the evening?
  9. Long time no see.
  10. What’s going on?
  11. How’s it going?
  12. How’s everything?
  13. How are you doing today?
  14. Welcome.
  15. Hi.
  16. Bonjour.
  17. Stay safe.
  18. Howdy, partner!
  19. Good morning sir, how are you today?

Creative Ways To Say Hello

  1. Hey guys!
  2. Good to see you.
  3. Great to see you.
  4. Nice to see you.
  5. Hey, boo.
  6. How are you?
  7. What’s happening?
  8. Greeting.
  9. Nice to meet you!
  10. It is a pleasure to meet you.
  11. It is an honor to meet you.
  12. Greetings and salutations!
  13. Good day.
  14. Great to see you.
  15. How’s life?

Cool Ways To Say Hello

  1. It is nice to meet you.
  2. whazzup!
  3. Hey, What’s up?
  4. What’s up, dude?
  5. Nice to see you again.
  6. How are ya?
  7. Hey there.
  8. Hello, partner.
  9. Hey buddy!
  10. Hey dude!
  11. Hello everyone.
  12. Hey girl!
  13. Hey, boy!
  14. Hey, man!
  15. Hello, how are you?

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