150+ Best Positive Attitude Quotes in English

A right attitude can only take you forward in life. You can achieve many things in life which can make your life much better.

Here we have a great collection of attitude quotes in English, positive attitude quotes, best attitude quotes, killer attitude quotes in English.

Attitude Quotes

attitude quotes

“If you’re going to speak
bad things about me behind my back,
then come to me.
I’ll tell you more.

quotes on attitude

“I am the Limited Edition.
Once you lost me,
you’ll never find another like Me!”

positive attitude quotes

“I have a new theory in life,
What other people think of Me,
is truly None of My Business!”

boys attitude quotes

“If you like me
then raise your hands,
and if not then
raise your ‘Standard‘.”

attitude caption

“Light travels faster than Sound.
This is why
some people appear Bright
until they Speak.”

attitude captions

“Fake people have
‘Images’ to maintain.
Real people just
‘Don’t care’.”

Positive Attitude Quotes

attitude quotes for girls

“I am just a mirror for you.
You are good,
I am the Best.
You are bad,
I am the Worst.”

quotations on attitude

“Everything is Temporary.
Don’t get attached!
Just follow with the moment
and be happy.”

rich attitude quotes

“Whatever you hear about me,
please believe it.”
I no longer have time to explain myself.
You can also add some if you want.”

love attitude quotes

Psychology says:
“Never lie to a girl because
she already knows the truth
before she asks.”

attitude line

“Great attitude is like
a ‘perfect cup of Coffee’.
Don’t start your day without it.”

attitude quotes for boys

Two things define you:
“Your Patience,
when you have nothing,
and your Attitude,
when you have everything.”

Killer Attitude Quotes in English

quotes for haters

“I enjoy it when
people show Attitude to me.
Because it shows that,
they need an Attitude
to Impress me!”

quotes about attitude

“Coins always make sound,
but the currency notes
are always silent.
That’s why I am always
‘Calm and Silent’.”

cool attitude captions

“I am 95% sure
you don’t like me.
But I am 100% sure
I don’t care.”

best attitude quotes

“If you treat me like a Queen,
I’ll treat you like a King.
If if you treat me like a game,
I’ll show you exactly
how it’s played.”

top attitude quotes

“The best revenge is
to show them that your life
is getting better
after they’re gone.”

my attitude quotes

“Yes, I am a nice person,
but if you cross the line
too many times,
everything can change
very quickly.”

Attitude Quotes for Boys

attitude success quotes

“For Success,
is Equally as important as

quotes for girls attitude

“I am a Butterfly
in the form of a Girl.
Pretty to Admire, but
Difficult to catch.”

personality attitude quotes

“I keep my personal life Quiet.
So, don’t think you know me.
You only know,
what I allow you to.”

quotes on positive attitude

“Thank you to those
who leave me in
my bad situation.
They make me realize that
I can do it Alone.”

attitude short quotes

“A King remains a King,
not when he acts like a king,
but behaves like one.”

killer attitude quotes

“Every mother gives birth to a child,
but my mother did not!
She gave birth to a Legend.”

good attitude quotes

is not a thing which is
on sale in the market.
It borns in you and
it dies with you.”

Life Attitude Quotes

attitude thoughts for boys

is the best outfit.
Rock it and Own it.”

quotes on silence attitude

“I shall continue to do
what I think is Right,
whether anybody likes it
or not.”

short quotes on attitude

“It’s okay,
you don’t like me.
Not everyone has good taste.”

lion attitude quotes

“A quiet Lion
is more dangerous than
a barking Dog.”

women attitude quotes

“I don’t have an Attitude.
Just a Personality
that you can’t handle.”

quotes on bad attitude

“My First rule is
‘Not to Lose’.
The second rule is
‘Not to forget the First rule’.”

“My BACK is not a
so better say it on

from the PAIN,
and don’t let it

“I do not have to explain myself
because I know
I am RIGHT.”

“If you want me to control
You need to control

“I’m not Rude.
I’m Honest.
Not my problem,
you can’t handle the Truth.”

Hey, Listen!
“I found something under my Shoes,
Ohh.. that’s your

“I don’t need anyone
to trust me,
I believe in myself
and that’s enough for me.”

“Don’t judge
my Choices
if you don’t understand
my Reasons.

“People will throw stones at you.
Don’t throw them back.
Collect them all and build an Empire.”

“I don’t trust Words.
I trust Action.”

You have two choices:
“Become a BOSS,
or Work for ONE.”

Be yourself because,
“Original is always worth
more than just a Copy.”

“If you’re looking for
the Beauty,
you’ll find it in Nature.”

“I am, what I am.”
Your approval isn’t needed,
and it wasn’t ever asked!

“Do not talk about my
Since my birth…
Still 2 years, I didn’t talk with anyone.”

Never try to Hurt me,
because if I Hurt…
You’ll Google
“How to Stop Crying.”

“Never get so attached
that you accept being Disrespected,
Used, Lied to, or Cheated on.”

“Your Attitude may hurt me,
but mine can
KILL you.
So don’t dare to mess with me.”

“My attitude will always be
based on how you treat me.”

“When a Girl Ignores you,
It doesn’t mean
she hates you,
It means you Hurt her.”

“I thought I was in a
‘Bad Mood’,
but it’s been a few years…
So I guess,
‘This is who I am Now.”

“If you show your
Attitude to me,
then I’ll show you,
“Who is the Boss!”

“My Attitude
is a result of your actions.
So, if you don’t like my attitude
don’t blame me.
Blame Yourself.”

“It’s easy to stand with
‘the Crowd’.
It takes courage to
‘Stand Alone’.”

“I may not be
but I’m always

“I never dream about
I worked for it.”

“If they make you
‘an Option’,
Make them your

“Don’t compare me to other girls,
there is no Competition.
I’m one of a kind.”

“Everyone has two eyes,
but no one has ‘the same view’.”

“People advise me
to have a taste of ‘Love’
but they don’t know
I have high ‘Standards’.”

“Laugh at your problems,
everybody else does.”

“I’m a girl,
I’m allowed to change my mind
every ‘Second’.”

“I don’t need to explain myself,
because I know
I’m Right.”

“Be crazy enough
to know that you can do
anything in life.”

“Some chase
little moments of Happiness,
while some chase

“Give the world a reason to remember

“Hate me or Love me!
But you’ll never
‘Change Me’.”

“A positive Attitude
towards Time Management
would accelerate our Economic Development
as we have never seen before.”

“Every day, it’s important to ask
and answer these questions:
What’s good in my life?
What needs to be done?”

“Things turn out for people
who make the best
out of the way turn out.”

“You don’t need
the wings to fly but,
the Courage to step out.”

“If Attitude kills.
I am the weapon of
Mass Destruction.”

“My attitude has always been,
if you fall flat on your face,
at least you’re removing forward.
All you have to do is
get back up and try again.”

“I am not Heartless.
I just learned
how to use my
‘Heart Less’.”

“Nothing in the world can bother you
as much as your

“I usually give people more chances
than they Deserve,
but once I’m done,
I’m done!”

“The only difference between
a Good day & a Bad day is your

“I am what I am.
I will never try to be
someone else.” 

“I have an Attitude for those
who force me to show them!”

“Be a ‘Game-change’
in this world full of ‘copycats’.”

“You secretly don’t like me,
I openly don’t care.”

“I don’t React.
But Trust me,
I notice ‘Everything’.”

“Weakness of ‘Attitude’
Weakness of ‘Character’.

“I know
I am Awesome,
so I don’t care about
your Opinion.”

“I’m good enough to forgive you.
But it’s not enough to cheat again!”

“Do you think I’m Bad?
I am the Worst!”

Whatsapp Attitude Quotes

it’s not the person you miss.
It’s the feeling you had,
when you were with them.”

“Inside a person you know,
there is a person
you don’t know!”

“Respect your haters.
They are the ones who think that
You are the Best.”

“Your self-respect
has to be stronger than
your Feelings.”

“Your secrets are safe with me…
‘I wasn’t even listening’.”

“I never explain myself
because I know that
I made no Mistake.”

“Dude, I worth more
than you can Afford.”

“The hardest walk is
Walking Alone,
but it’s also
the Strongest!”

“If Opportunity doesn’t knock.
Build a damn Door!”

“Don’t settle for being
Someone else,
when you can be
the Best.”

“If your ‘Ego’ speaks with me,
then my ‘Attitude’ replies to you!”

“The best revenge is
to Improve Yourself.”

“Men do not attract
that which they want,
but that which they are.”

“Your attitude can make
all the difference in how your day
will Begin and End.”

“I have no time
to fight with
‘Egos and small minds’.”

“Only I can change my life.
No one can do it for me.”

“No one can make you
feel Inferior
without your Consent.”

“There is no competition
because nobody can be

“If you want to be strong,
learn how to fight Alone.”

“My friends list
is small because,
Quality matters over Quantity.”

“Don’t take my ‘Kindness’,
as a sign of Weakness.”

“Don’t mess with me!
The Beast inside me is Sleeping,
not Dead.”

“Don’t play with me!
Because I know,
I can play better than you.”

“It’s my turn, Darling.
Now you just watch and learn.”

At the end of the game,
“the King and the pawn
go back in the same box.”

“Don’t force someone
to make time for you.
If they really want to,
they will.”

“We all are Bad
in Someone’s story.”

“If they need you Temporally,
ignore them Permanently.”

“Before you judge me.
Make sure that you’re perfect.”

“Don’t be so quick to judge me.
You only see
what I choose to show you.”

“If you cannot do great things,
do small things in a great way.”

“Work for a Cause,
not for Applause.
Live life to Express,
not to impress.”

“I am only responsible for
what you say,
not for what you understand.”

“Until you heal yourself,
you will be toxic to everyone
who tries to love me.”

it’s not the person you miss.
It’s the feeling you had
when you were with them.”

“Yes, I’m smiling.
But you’re not the reason anymore.”

The best rule of life:
“Do what makes you happy.”

“Haters and Dogs have
a unique similarity..
they both Bark.”

“It’s My Life!
So keep your Nose
out of it.”

“I may not be
Handsome, but
‘I am Original’.”

“You don’t like me??
Hate me.
Problem solved.”

“Don’t compare me with others.
I’m not like them.
I’m ME!”

“Believe me!
The best is yet to come.”

“I never ‘Insult’ people.
I just tell them
what they are actually!”

“I don’t have bad
I have my Font.”

“My attitude
will always be based on
‘How you treat me!”

“Wake me up!
Only if you think,
you are more important than
my SLEEP.”

“I am the King
of my own Kingdom.”

“If size really mattered,
the Elephant would be
the king of the Jungle.”

“You don’t need
the Wings to fly,
but the courage to

“Stop understanding me.
Even I cannot understand
myself clearly.”

“If you have a Learning Attitude,
then you can learn

“Changing Attitude
is the only key
to deal with the

I need an expert advice…
So I talk to myself.”

“I don’t change.
I just grew up.
You should try it once.”

“If you work hard for 20 years,
you can enjoy for 70 years.
But if you enjoy for 20 years,
you must work hard for 70 years.”

“I don’t want a
‘Perfect life’.
I want a happy life.”

“I don’t treat people
‘badly’, I treat them

“Excellence is not a Skill.
It is an ATTITUDE.”

“My choices
are like Fingerprints.
They make me

“I don’t care
what you think about me.
I don’t think about you at all.”

“Be crazy’
enough to know that
you can do anything in life.”

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